Chemicals sounds like a very poetic word. You did not agree. Because you found nothing poetic about the sulphuric acid scar at the base of my left thumb. I promised not to make my poem ordinary, So that you could smuggle in the few words between your equations of alcohols, reacting with carboxylic acids, to… Continue reading chemicals



​“Yellow helium balloons are the happiest things in the world” - read my best friend's caption on her picture; her face half covered by one.  But are they, really?  I cannot decide but yellow takes me back to the corridors of my school where my 14 year old self spotted the prettiest smile I had… Continue reading Yellow.


​She took to the stage with a tee that read - "My God is better than yours." Sides were immediately taken. Abuses already slurred. Controversy reared its ugly head,blinded to the word 'Humanity' to her back.  Collaboration with Kasturee♥


​I had decided on that purple tunic. Loose and comfortable. "It was sure going to be a great Holi this once." And it sure was, as I look back on it three years later. Boards had just ended the day before. And there wasn't any better reason to celebrate. I went to my childhood bestie's… Continue reading Holi.